Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moore, Oklahoma - Bible Belt Central

Watching the news today is saddening. What devastation in Oklahoma. Wow. Then I hear the nonsensical ramblings from the reporters, witnesses and survivors & I want to turn my brain off until it cools down. 

You know, it's funny how people react and what words they use to describe a natural occurrence - how what lots of people would consider "an act of god", suddenly transforms into "Mother Nature". (Note how that shifts the blame from their deity.)

The same people that were spared by going underground or lying in a bath tub while a 200 mph freight train passed overhead are the same people that refuse to acknowledge that the god that they believe in caused the storm in the first place. They babble about "miracles" and go on and on about how their prayers were answered. What about the dead, the wounded and those that lost everything they owned? Did they not "pray" correctly? Were they not "worthy of a miracle"? The only difference between those that escaped with their lives and limbs and those that didn't is coincidence. Yet those that survived are actually fucking arrogant enough to flaunt their "specialness" in everyone else's faces. Why not just get up on your soapbox and proclaim to the world that you are "worthy" in the eyes of your god and the children and others that died were not? Because that is what you are telling me.

Then the vigils will commence nation-wide tonight - candles and prayer that will accomplish absolutely nothing to actually helping out. Unless you are donating time, money, blood - something - you are wasting your time and showing how fucking arrogant some of you christians can really be. Think about it, in lieu of donating to Red Cross, you are going to light candles, hold hands, sing and mumble to yourself. Yet, in your twisted reality - that is somehow helping! Are you fucking kidding me? Is that not the very epitome of hypocrisy?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The US is not and never has been a "christian" nation. It was never intended to be, either. The Founding Fathers were mostly Deists. They may have believed in "a" god, but they purposely left out references to any particular deity within the founding documents.

The churches were originally were not taxed because they were "charitable organizations" and they were relatively small, local operations. When this was decided 236 years ago, nobody had envisioned a world with instant global communication; nobody could have foreseen the role that religion would eventually take in American politics; nobody could have predicted the power that the vatican wields today.

One of the requirements for an organization receiving a tax-exempt status is "it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates." (irs.gov)

That is pretty plain language, easy to read, easy to understand. This requirement is ignored by the church and it is not enforced by the IRS. Why? Why does the church not have to follow the same laws that the rest of us do? The church has been openly politicking from the pulpit for decades. Yet the IRS does nothing about it. All they would have to do is strip the tax exempt status from ONE church and the practice would stop. Frankly, I don't see how we can move forward as a strong economic nation without taxing (at the very least) church property and land-holdings.

It's not to the point to say that the church "won't miss it", the point is that it is well past the time for the church to pay it's share of taxes. Think about it: the church uses the same fire, police and ambulance services that you do; the church uses the same utilities in their buildings as you do; the church uses the same mail delivery system as you do. Your wages are taxed to help pay for all of those services. How much does the church contribute to the tax rolls? NOTHING. You pay for the church to use the same services that you do. It doesn't matter if you are religious or not - forcing working people to pay the share for a multi-billion dollar enterprise is wrong.

"Non-church groups receiving tax exemptions must annually file a detailed 990 statement itemizing where the money has gone. The IRS automatically waives the 990 requirement for churches." (taxthechurches.org) What is the IRS afraid of? I'm sure lots of you have been audited or forced to make payment arrangements because you owe the Federal Government money. They do not hesitate to get what is owed, and they generously add on a penalty for paying late. Not only does the church get a pass from filing this statement, they do not even file a tax return! Every other tax-exempt organization in the country does, but not the church.

You say you want less taxes? Well, here is the answer to your prayers. How can anyone, but the church, not agree with taxing the church it's fair share? 
71 Billion Reasons To Tax The Church

Monday, January 23, 2012

Frothy, The Blowman 1-23-2012 by John E. Murray, III

Frothy, The Blowman

Frothy, the Blowman, likes to swallow dick juice whole.

With a Felcher Straw and a Christian nose, and 2 guyz

That call him "Ho"!

Frothy, The Blowman, is a fairy tale, they say.He could go so low, make his children know,

What his dead son didn't weigh.

There must have been some priest-rape in that

White-Collar that they found,

For when they gave the Blowman head, he began to dance around!

Oh, Frothy, The Blowman, likes his jesus more than pee;

And the children say he could be so gay, just to swallow you and me.

Rumpety Rump Rump, Rumpety Rump Rump,

Frothy drinks his load!

Rumpety Rump Rump, Rumpety Rump Rump

Frothy loves his choad!

Frothy, The Blowman, couldn't say that he was gay,

So he said, "Let's suck before we fuck, 'cause my wife may cum this way!"

Down to the pillage, with a broomstick in his hand, fucking here and fucking there,He don't care he's queer, screaming, "Stick it in my can!"

He pulled the altar boy's pants down and licked the lollipop; then froze a moment,

When he heard the cops yell, "Fucking stop!"

For Frothy, The Blowman, had to hide all of his gay, but he beat his dick, saying, "Ole Saint Nick,

would have liked my troubled way!"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh, For Fuck's Sake!

Now. Let's see. The "rapture" is supposed to be at 6 on Saturday. My Mom wants to watch the Preakness at 6:20 something. How the hell is that gonna work? Mom laughs at most of what I tell her, but she really digs the races. So according to the christians, my Mom can't see the race because the assholes running the cameras were "down with" jebus and left the Maryland racetrack just minutes before the race? That would mean that there will be NO race at all, because some of those horses are christians. So, the question is: Do I have to pay my Mom the bets that she made? Or does jebus have to because he "showed up"? That bitch, Jebus, better have my money!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why, oh, why?

I've got plenty of Atheist friends on Facebook. Most reply when they feel engaged by the subject matter. Plenty of others post nothing but game requests and links to ridiculous stuff. Why is this? I post news articles about religion, politics, religion's conflicts with politics, rants and much more. Why is it that few friends have a word to say about those things?

I, on the other hand, post many responses to the articles and news briefs that I find interesting. Am I posting stuff that nobody cares about? Am I being too blunt for people's tastes? I would love some feedback. It's not about me looking for attention, I honestly wonder what my friends think.

I'm just tired of wasting my time. If nobody gives a shit, I will drop FB and cut out the stress that it sometimes causes me. I did fine before I found it, I like the friends that I have made. When folks admit that they are non-believers online and join a group or "friend" like people: aren't they looking for someone to converse with? Or at the very least, they want to read and comment on similar beliefs?

Give me a heads up if I need one, I'm just wondering.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What to do About a Nuclear Islam?

The threat of a nuclear war with a muslim nation is real. The bad part is that the muslim's that are devout - don't care! They look forward to the eventual never-ending life with Mohammed and the however-many virgins they get. If you are a devout catholic and you cannot see eye-to-eye with a protestant, how the hell can you see the muslim's point of view? YOU CAN'T The muslims want you and all the infidels dead. The bible says that all heretics must be killed! Where does this madness stop?

I get it. My god has a bigger dick than your god. Okay. Can you zealots shut the fuck up now?

I don't remember the last time a bunch of angry jews flew a plane into the Pentagon. I can't remember the last time a bunch of pissed of christians killed 6 million people - oh wait, the Holocaust.....never mind. (By the way - Hitler was NOT an atheist). When was the last time you heard of Buddhists killing people for the hell of it?

The 'moderate' muslims may seem like a peaceful folk. The 'extremists' seem awful. Truth be told, the moderates BELIEVE what the extremists do, they just have no zealotry or impetus yet. When the 'moderates' (who believe the Koran like the extremists) gain their understanding about the imminent death of heretics leading to the holy land, THEY TOO will want us dead. Just because they are not radical now, does not mean they will not become that way in the near future.

The same goes for the fundamentalist christians. They would like nothing better than to see the jews (Israel) defeat the palestinians and rebuild the 'temple on the mount'! That would enable the second coming of christ.

First of all, there may have been a jew prophet named jesus. There may have been some good deeds that he informed his penniless audience about. He never performed miracles, was not of a 'virgin-birth' and did not rise from the dead. Second: there is NO proof where he was from, where he was born, whether he was gay, whether he married a whore - or anything else that is conclusive proof.

I think that if there was a prophet named Jesus, he meant well. If not, then he was a con artist. It's that simple. Either Jesus was giving advice - like JACK VAN IMPE - or he was lying in order to make rent money.

If he could fish so good, why did he need to walk on water? Why did he have only two fish to feed the masses?

If he was all powerful, why did he not use the Jedi-Mind-Trick on Pontius?

You see, it's all BULLSHIT, always has been, always will be. Plain and simple.

One Reason the U.S. is Having a Tough Time Winning the Cooperation of the Afghanis

Taliban execute 10 aid workers (6 Americans among victims in Afghanistan)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

By Rod Norland, The New York Times

KABUL, Afghanistan -- The aid workers' last meal was a picnic in the forest in the Sharrun Valley, high in the Hindu Kush mountains of northern Afghanistan, as they were on their long way home.

The group -- a medical team of six Americans, a Briton, a German and four Afghans -- had just finished eating when they were accosted by gunmen with long red beards, the local police said.

The gunmen marched the aid workers into the forest, stood 10 of them in a straight line, seven men and three women, and shot them.
"allah kills aids.......finally gets something right!" - JEM III 8/8/10

Let's get something straight - those people were NOT ordinary aid workers. They were accused of proselytizing - which is a VERY BIG NO-NO with the taliban around...... If they were truly running an "eye camp", why would they have a bible p...rinted in the Dari language? Because they are spreading the word of their god, that's why. The Afghanis don't trust the US as it is, we need to stop these "faith-based" groups that "volunteer" - or be prepared when these murders happen. The IAM (International Assistance Mission) is BLATANTLY a faith-based venture - http://www.iam-afghanistan.org/our-mission-values - and they deserve what they got.

In my eyes, if you don't want to be killed, do not engage in behavior that is likely to result in your death. It's that simple. And if you feel the need to go to Afghanistan and preach about your god and savior, don't be surprised if some guys with long beards & swords cut your stupid fucking head off.

The faith-based missions have to have their visas and travel permits taken off of them by the US Government. This not only makes the US look bad, it makes us look like we are trying to promote christianlty in an arab country. Something our leaders say that we are not trying to do. "w" never discouraged the practice - he welcomed it - because, like most born-again fucktards, he looks forward to a holy-war to end all holy-wars. Only then will jebus return trailing clouds of glory. GORY is more like it.